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Today I saw two shades….

Today I saw two shades flit across the floor of the building next door. Though they were ghosts, then realized they were the cut out reflections of people passing by. Mystery like science can’t always explain everything. Like chills up your spine upon realizing explanations for shadows that encompass the fleeting moments of our lives. We all leave behind traces, unaware often of the effects of our passing ghosts.

Copyright Adrienne Adams December 5th 2014


Woolf's Voices 4!

Woolf’s Voices is a quarterly event where women and feminine identified persons are invited to present work that honours the feminine – however they interpret that. Poetry, spoken word, music, storytelling etc. are included. The purpose is to create more cultural space where what is considered feminine (in my personal interpretation things like, softness, kindness, beauty, vulnerability, beauty, compassion, domesticity, motherhood, female sexuality, fatness, curves, male feminineness, cooperation, and on and on etc. – you may interpret the feminine differently) is honoured and given voice – a room of its own amongst a pack of howling voices. Join us! Next Wednesday at 7:30 at Shelf Life books to co-create this space together!

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Woolf’s Voices 4!