My Salty Hands

No one is exempt – we all have salt on our hands

& wounds we are trying not to rub

or maybe secretly enjoying the sting of our own private abrasiveness

some bleed more readily in public

hiding the goodness

under a display of foolhardery

& others in private wearing

that public mask of joy.


But we are all hypocrites if you dig

Deep enough – would all fail cross examination

If our entire lives were under the lens

& if you still think there are still some flawless

individuals out there

that you can mount, pedestal worship and all

as beacons for life while you are tallying the count of your inner dead –

then you haven’t lived enough

Your casualties will increase

& so will your survivors


that’s the true count

all the marks we leave on life in our passing

all our battle scars tattooed like medals in our skin

every kickstart, or try again

bit of riot, mute roar,

but there’s a reason that bible story exists because

everytime I point the finger at you there’s

five there starring

right back at me & you have No right to be talking

about my sex life anymore than I do yours, but we all do

& I just wonder when we are all going to stop shooting each other down

as if we were all politicians whose good public work

we were trying to destroy because we all harbour some hypocrisy in private

that’s no different from most other human beings

& yet women crucify each other daily while men generally have to make Quite a stir to be found guilty of reproach

we do not look at he family lives of men as the merit by which to judge

their public professions and confessions

& maybe we should & maybe we shouldn’t but the point is

if you recycle all your plastic & still drive a car

that doesn’t cancel out your environmental efforts

it just makes you better than someone who doesn’t recycle

and worse than someone who rides their bicycle everywhere.

The compromises of living here

And I think it is high time that we acknowledge

That we are all probably doing our best with what we’ve been given

& playing judge & jury serves no one but playing advocate can rightly


us all.


Copyright Adrienne Adams May 7th 2016


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