Art, fairytales, mythology, Poetry, Red, sexuality

Catch me. If I FALL…

How many times have you been outrun by the Wolf?

And how many wolves can you go through

before you run out of a pack?

I am forever stopping

to smell the flowers,

embrace ALL life on the way

to delivering the goods.

Helping old ladies

climb downstairs

just as my mother taught me.

these days I’m missing

teeth and syllables one too many

knocks on Wood

All you have to do

to entrap me


Peel back my hood and LIck.

So I Wrap

myself in Red

because I’m Hot

running a fever, trying to sweat

scarlet letters

for all the delicious sins (Sumptuously Insurgent Near Synchronicities)

I’ve committed.

the Devils HornS

are also red

shoes are made for dancing

it’s my first love

either that or the ocean – take your pick.

both could win Passion

is a virus that runs

through my veins, I am forever

now afraid to ignite

all the fireworks within me

because I know how badly they can

I am capable

of consuming whole oceans

and Spitting OUT

all the Rocks

in the process of cooling

the fires inside


it doesn’t Mean

they don’t

Drown me or Leave

me Gasping for Air.

FULL of needles and pins

beating my limbs

on the worn path

just to

Feel – again.

I am Forever


about what Lurks

in the forest I try to

Follow Rules.

but there’s one my mother never taught me

which seems to win justice

over & over


No good deed goes unpunished

especially when you like to run wild

and free

amongst the company…

CRY wolf,

cry, Cry, CRY!

him back to me I have

no Sheeps’ clothing to skin

scalding the Fur I’m in.

It’s a mess of hair-tangled thoughts

that addle my brain in addictions

to the taste of your skin

and the texture of your hair, this body

closet you have locked me in.’

I drink Whine in hopes

that some

Sacred Host

will open up and let the light in my grandmother’s

Blood has all been spent and still

I long for wisdom to come from within.

Does Abuse send you backwards?

in time, spiraling down the maturity line?

Is love like heroine & how

Can I be my own?

when I keep disappointing myself

over & over

I’m so in love with the story that I’ve lost the plot.

chasing metaphors in every cell,

I Find myself Locked in.

Breathe. Go outside.

to pee Little Red escapes

by her own wits

But what if you’ve fallen so hard for the Wolf you actually want to BE him???

The light of the moon

transforms the where into wolf

and the hunting begins…

Little red crosses the river, rescued by the washer women

Who entrapped the wolf in their fresh, clean pressed, white, sanitized Laundry.

Eve Ate the apple.

Lilith Swallowed pomegranate seeds

Pandora Opened the box &

Persephone was Always in LOVE with Hades

not just her mother….

this is the x-rated version of history.

Winter. IS. necessary.

As Necessary as spring, summer &


on your knees

over & over

Praise the darkness

within you that offers itself up to light the stars

are born and die in bursts of passion

We are all Stars burning

so bright we Blind

each other in our passing.

And though I may be Ravaged by the baggage of living

and Bleeding, at least



by my very quickening blood

I am Fully unabashedly ALIVE &

therefore Capable

of being cut and hurt to the greatest of depths

& of loosing myself

in Surrender

the great passionate ecstasy Burning

every so dangerously

within me.

Catch me… if I Fall……

Copyright Adrienne Adams June 25th 2014


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