feminism, mythology, Poetry, sexuality

I seek

I am seeking a feminine voice echoing

across golden ages of curves that is

fat and kind and round,

with wisdom dripping off her rims

in dregs of toffee ground tears.

A voice that squeals with the high edge of

masculinity stretched beyond its breaking point

to give birth & bleed salt

into my years of knowing

just how deep I am & you are.

I want to take your hand in a warm caress of

passion, stroke it against my thighs

until you are enveloped in a love so

lush and soft and full

grown wrinkly like an old

for skin we will wrap around

each other in waves.

I am seeking a voice

that is valued for it’s very vulnerability,

recognizing strength in its years of innocence

spent gathering oneself

into one’s self

so that I can leap

with unburdened joy

& not be ashamed at how truly excited I am to see you!

laughing like a school girl

and dancing ’till the tips of my toes

carry me over the brink of life

and back again.

I seek a voice full of motherhood

not just for all the children

but for all the burgeoning things living inside

my friend’s heart of hearts

so that we are nurtured in a way

to know we are loved infinitely

& All-ways.

I am seeking a voice that breaks the very bonds of its

oppression by dissolving

like water and flowing over

everything that has tried

to quell it.

This voice is a phallus crying

to be engulfed in heated convulsions

of sticky tides

speaking cunt language softly

with the sagacity of love,

one word

with so many meanings

sucking on the suckling of sprouting

until we bloom and die and return

again, weakly, monthly , daily

howling at the moon


move the tides of our enslaving in a steady stream

of transformation.

I am seeking a feminine voices that howls at it’s own,

content to be heard and valued for nothing other

than what it is.

I am seeking a feminism that embraces the feminine

in a humanitarian hug of x and y

chromosomes jumbled up to spell glbtq

forwards and back again

until we all know finally and forever

that we all Come from our mother’s mothers hearts

down an unbroken chain of eternity

that is boundless and flows

with the very life of blood

the first


to partake in.

This is my body,





Copyright Adrienne Adams August 23rd 2013


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